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“T. J. Byrnes: Where good friends meet.”
T. J. Byrnes Bar & Restaurant is located in Lower Manhattan and tucked away within the residential towers of Southbridge. Open 365 days a year, T. J. Byrnes is an Irish pub serving Irish and American food that is known for its tasty 15oz. grilled pork chop, home-style Shepherd’s Pie, Angus steaks, and the always-popular burger. The owners are dedicated to maintaining the finest ingredients by using locally sustained products, particularly fresh seafood. In addition, it hosts a fabulous brunch on the weekends, Saturday night prix-fixe dinner menu, karaoke every Friday night, and Lobster Night at the end of each month.
TJ’s, as many regulars simply refer to it, is the collaboration of brothers Thomas and Denis Byrne. TJ’s represents the epitome of New York City. Not only has it withstood the turbulent economic climate of recent years, it has remained resilient through 9/11, the Blackout of ’03, and Hurricane Sandy. All the while, TJ’s upheld its commitment to the community, by catering to the neighborhood and nearby businesses.
With over 40 years experience, Thomas and Denis are no strangers to the bar business. After 15 years of owning and operating Mannions Bar in the Bronx with his brother Seamus, Thomas united with Denis to open TJ’s in the summer of ’95. In fact, all the Byrne brothers are well established in the bar business, with other long-serving bars located in Leeds, NY (The Inn at Leeds) and High Point, NC (The Claddagh).
The Brothers Byrne established TJ’s with the same underlying Irish tradition of community and hospitality. It’s a neighborhood bar and restaurant with dedicated employees who are welcoming and willing to accommodate. It’s the kind of place where the staff is attentive to newcomers and greets regulars with their preferred drink as they enter the door. Whether you’re looking for a satisfying meal, engaging and colorful banter, or a quiet place to read, T.J. Byrnes Bar & Restaurant will accommodate.In all, from the food to the service and décor TJ’s exudes an Irish hospitality, which you will be eager to experience and partake in.
77 Fulton Street New York NY 10038 T. 212-406-4551      F. 212-406-4699
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